Hungary — T. Rogers

T. Rogers is a six-piece "joy and blues" band based in Budapest. Their name is based on the Hungarian word "troger", meaning basically someone with a relaxed attitude towards life, one who likes to enjoy each and every day. The band was formed in 2004 and they play both electric and acoustic blues from a wide variety of different influences, reflecting the diverse different musical tastes of each band member. Their style is tight, engaging and exciting. This dynamic and talented group is renowned for their live performances with intense solos and infectious energy gaining them a growing reputation across Europe.


  • Béla Baráth, drums
  • Stewart Hay, harmonica
  • Ferci Kovács, guitar, vocal
  • Pál Sturmann, guitar
  • Zsolt Szatai, bass
  • Vince Széll, percussion, mandolin


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