Switzerland — The Bacon Fats

The Bacon Fats are an award winning rhythm & blues, Swing, Surf and Roots band. Their own blend of styles, what they themselves describe as "Hard Swing Blues" is unique. Rocky, surfy, bluesy, jazzy, rocksteadyish, swingy, it's not easy to get a descriptive grip on, so have a listen yourself. It's certainly fresh and driving! The band includes Jan Hartmann, Sleepy Eddie James, Tobias Wirz and Lukas Meier. Founded in 2011, they've issued an EP that same year, played a couple of gigs through 2011-2012, went on to win the Swiss Blues Challenge in 2013. So far so good, but we'll see how they will do at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and at the European Blues Challenge in Riga. Stay tuned.


  • Jan Hartmann, vocals, harmonica
  • Edwart Sikora, vocals, guitar
  • Tobias Wirz, bass
  • Lukas Meier, drums



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