Romania — The Blues Nation

Founded in 2012 by Stefan Tudose, Blues Nation is very much a mix of blues and blues rock textures, shaped from the influences of its members. Lead guitar warrior Laci Farkas and young wolf bass player Horatio Silasi joined the project from the start, adding their personal flavour to the mix. Beginning of 2013 the rhythm section was distilled by adding drummer Gabriel Bot. Approaching blues classics in a personal manner, Blues Nation's gigs radiate rough energy and vibe in the most electric way you can imagine blues being played. After a series of concerts in the club circuit, Blues Nation are planning to work on their first album release in the beginning of 2014.


  • Stefan Tudose, vocals, guitar
  • Laszlo (Laci) Farkas, lead guitar, harp, vocals
  • Horatiu Silasi, bass
  • Gabi Bot, drums


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