Sweden — The Hightones

The Hightones is a Swedish blues and rock n' roll band, formed in 2012 in Karlstad. The band originally started off as a trio with Pierre Sjöholm on vocals/guitar, Lucas Lindstedt on drums and Daniel Fredriksson on bass. Later that year they were joined by Fredrick Karlsson on piano who would soon become the fourth member of the band. As for the bands repertoire most of the material are original songs written by Pierre Sjöholm, and in 2013 eleven of these songs were recorded on their first record Oh baby me too at Strawberry Music Studios. Their record has received great reviews from Blues & Rhythm Magazine and Jefferson Blues Magazine where the latter defines the band's sound as: "Traditional blues in various tempos, rockin' boogie and an honest, genuine sound".


  • Pierre Sjöholm, vocals, guitar
  • Daniel Fredriksson, bass
  • Lucas Lindstedt, brums
  • Fredrick Karlsson, piano



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